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Quebec Residents Buying a Used Car in Ontario

Are you a Quebec Resident considering buying a used vehicle in Ontario?

We are often asked by our Quebec customers " Why should I purchase a car from an Ontario dealer rather than buy it in Quebec?"

We'd like to answer that by asking a question. Are you aware of what a Quebec dealer's ( or private seller's) legal obligation is as it relates to vehicle's overall condition, when selling you their used vehicle? Answer … Surprising but the answer is  "NOTHING". Anybody or any business selling a used vehicle in the province of Quebec is legally permitted to sell you a vehicle and inspect... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That's right, a used car sold within the province of Quebec does not need to go through any mandated inspection nor is the seller or selling garage under any obligation to provide any level of safety, reliability AT ALL. The decision to inspect/ repair or replace defective parts is at each garage owner's discretion. They often do what they feel would help sell the car in a shorter time frame or for more money but they have no obligation to deliver the car with any consistent level of quality. If the brakes have 5% left and the seller decides not to repair them, the car may be sold, licensed and the seller gets paid but you just bought yourself a car with existing issues and possible surprises down the road. Now do you wonder why the Quebec dealer/garage community has such a bad reputation?
The Quebec Ministry of Transportation has safety inspections but as long as the vehicle registration stays within Quebec, vehicles are exempt from inspections or having to meet those standards. Vehicles basically fly below the safety radar as long as the registration is from a prior Quebec customer. The  "Societe de l'Assurance Automobile du Quebec"  (SAAQ) only requires inspections on vehicles that are  entering the province of Quebec from another province such as Ontario.

What does that mean for me, as a used car buyer ?
When you buy a vehicle within Quebec you are buying a "verbal" promise from the seller that the vehicle is in some sort of condition but that "promise of quality" has no legal obligations and there is no unbiased process in place to ensure any level of consistency. Despite the fact that the seller may be aware that the brakes are at 5% or that the engine is burning oil or that the catalytic converter is only functioning below 15%, the seller or seller's representative is under no obligation to disclose it and even less obligation to repair it .

Why is Car-On Auto different?

INSPECTION #1, MTO Safety check

Many Ontario sellers and dealers, send their vehicles out to smaller Certified Inspection Centres that may or may not follow the rules very closely. Car-On is itself a mandated "Ontario Ministry of Transportation Safety Certification Center". We are inspected, trained and subject to rigorous standards by Provincial Inspectors. Our technicians are licensed and certified by the province and we take our Certification seriously. We commit to meeting or exceeding  ALL Ontario safety standards, and ALL our vehicles are subjected to an inspection. This strict multi-point inspection includes:
•    Minimum tire tread depth
•    Minimum brake pad thickness
•    Minimum brake rotor measurements
•    NO oil leaks
•    NO coolant leaks
•    NO structural rust ANYWHERE
•    All safety features installed on the vehicle must work ( emergency brake, daytime running lights, Anti-lock Braking System ( ABS)
•    No substandard accessories installed such as cheap exhaust or suspension parts
•    Etc…

INSPECTION #2; Car-On 149 points inspection

Car-On has reconditioning standards that often exceed some of the manufacturer already high "pre-owned" reconditioning standards. We not only meet the OBLIGATED standards but we surpass them, in numerous categories such as:
•    Higher brake thickness standards
•    Higher tire depth standards
•    Air conditioning inspection
•    Fluids checked and/or replaced
•    All filter inspection ( air , fuel, oil and cabin air filter)
•    Full charging system inspection ( battery, alternator, voltage regulating system)
•    Exhaust system inspection
•    ON-Board vehicle diagnostics inspection ( check engine light, air bag light, SRS light, traction control light) and ensure all the systems are working according to manufacturer specifications
•    Full suspension/steering inspection ( ball joints, tie rods, stab links, shocks, spring, coils etc..)
•    Heating cooling system inspection ( water pump, radiator, defroster, fan etc..)

And, FINALLY, INSPECTION #3, the SAAQ inspection.

Because our cars are being transferred from Ontario to Quebec, they must submit to one final test. The SAAQ inspectors must ensure that the vehicle also meets all Quebec safety standards.
You get a total of 3 inspections! Talk about Peace of Mind!
What's in it for you ?
PEACE OF MIND knowing that when you buy a Car-On vehicle it has been thoroughly inspected by 3 different safety standards and that you, the customer, will benefit from a car that far exceeds any other vehicle in the market.

In summary, buying a Car-On vehicle, you will know you're getting quality rather than "leaving it to chance".

We often hear of numerous concerns from Quebec buyers wishing to buy cars in Ontario.
•    Do I pay more taxes if I buy in Ontario?
•    Do I have to do a Quebec inspection at the SAAQ?
•    What if the SAAQ finds defects in my car, who pays for the repairs?
•    Does it cost more to buy a car at Car-On versus a dealer in Quebec?

So let's clarify this and break it down in simple terms for everyone.

Do I have to pay taxes twice if I buy in Ontario?
NO you do not pay taxes twice. Due to our high volume of sales to Quebec buyers, Car-On is registered with the Quebec Ministry of Revenue, your taxes are exactly the same as if you bought in Quebec.

Does a Quebec inspection have to be done at the SAAQ if I buy in Ontario?

Yes and NO … Yes, an inspection must be done at the SAAQ for any vehicle entering Quebec from another province but NO you do not need to do this inspection if you buy from Car-On because our team looks after getting all necessary inspections done on your behalf at the SAAQ inspection centre.

What if the SAAQ finds defects in my car, who pays for the repairs?

When a car is taken for an SAAQ inspection, the owner is responsible for all costs of the repairs. Unlike other sellers that let you take the car for your inspection at the SAAQ, Car-On keeps the vehicle in our name until the inspection has been completed and ensures all repairs are done AT OUR EXPENSE. We only transfer the vehicle to you once the inspection is complete and the vehicle has been approved. We look after ALL costs associated with repairs at the SAAQ .

Does it cost more to buy a Car-On vehicle compared to buying from a Quebec dealer ?

Absolutely not, Car-On compares the prices on both sides of the river and ensures it is competitive in the entire marketplace, Quebec and Ontario. We value and appreciate our Quebec customers and they are an important part of our clientele.

Still unsure if buying from Car-On is a better value ?

Please feel free to contact us and we'll take the time to show you why buying from Car-On is the only "Peace of Mind" decision for you. Car-On Auto Sales has been serving Gatineau & Outaouais customers since 1982 and the numbers are growing every year. As we endeavor to do in all aspects of our business, we have, over the years, perfected the buying process to make it easy and stress-free for you to deal with us.

We hope to see you soon!
Pierre R. Caron
Car-On Auto Sales