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kijiji used cars ottawa Looking for a used car on Kijiji in Ottawa?

Car-on auto is a proud advertiser on Kijiji used cars in Ottawa. In fact we have so much inventory that we surely have the used car you're looking for right here.

All our used vehicles advertised on Kijiji in Ottawa go through our expert and thourough inspection centre and are fully safety certified. Also, our used car financing experts can provide on site financing and everyone is approved!

Browse our Kijiji used car inventory and contact us for a test drive:


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Kijiji is an online classified advertising service that operates as a centralized network of online communities, organized by city and urban region like Ottawa and Gatineau, for posting local ads like used cars. It is a fully owned subsidiary of eBay. Kijiji websites are available accross 300 cities in Canada.

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